10. februar 2006 - Copenhagen

Saa er vi landet og i lufthavnen staar Kim sammen med morfar, mormor, moster Ann Britt, Peter samt faetter Sigfred og lille nye faetter Viggo :-) Sikke en overraskkelse og hvor var det skoent at faa knus og blive modtaget saa hjerteligt.

We have arrived :-) And greated by Kim, my dad and Birthe. To our surprise Ann Britt and Peter together with the girls cousins were also there.

And Sigfred was of course happy as always and very exited to see the girls :-)





How great it was to get to hold and kiss our new family member Viggo.

To the left Majbritt and Astrid are overwhelmed by Viggo, as he is lying in the arms of his dad Peter.

Kim havde arrangeret at vi koerte direkte afsted til sommerhus paa Falster, saa kunne vi vende os til dansk jord under foedderne og ikke mindst dansk tid.

Vigtigst kunne vi lige slappe af alle 5 sammen og faa talt de sidste uger igennem. Oprindelig havde planen vaeret at naboboerne skulle med, saa alle boern kunne faa lidt tid sammen, men jeg tror naboerne var mere realistiske end jeg selv og vidste mere end jeg, hvor meget vi havde brug for lige at vende os til tidsforskel og lige af faa benene fast forankret :-)

From the airport we went straight to a summerhouse, where we together with Kim could rest and get used to the timedifference and being back in Denmark. We did the same thing when we came back from our trip to Tonga and USA and it is a good way to just get used to everything again.

On the picture the girls are giving him his presents from NZ, lost os XXL T-shirts in different colors - T-shirts is something a Kim always can use and with short sleethes we need not worry if they fit his long arms :-)

But oooogh it is cold!!!! We were glad Kim brought our wintercoats. Even with our wollen underwair, warm shirt and rainjacket we brought with us on our trip - it was not enough for the Danish winter. And winter it still is. I had hoped the winter would be giving in to spring, but it seems like this tough winter, that has dominated the hole of Europe this year, will continue a little longer. Inside though we had a fire going and so it was nice warm and cosy inside. Not bad then :-)

Det er koldt :-) Selv med solskin i lufthavnen og solskin i weekenden....det er svaert at holde varmen udendoers, saa vi bliver inde og nyder braendeovnen. Og soendag kom farmor og Bent forbi, det var vel nok godt at faa knus og kram. Farmor har faaet sendt vores rejsebeskrivelser af Kim og hun er ligesaa meget med paa hvad der er sket. Det har allerede efter et par dage i DK vist sig at vaere meget nemmere at tale om turen, naar alle har fulgt med i rejsebeskrivelserne. Pigerne og jeg skal ikke genfortaelle en masse og alle de der gerne vil hoere bliver ikke kedet til doede af lange beretninger, som er svaere at forholde sig til, naar man ikke selv har vaeret tilstede. Paa grund af skriverierne paa nettet er det nemt at tale om konkrete episoder og det bliver en langt mere to og flervejs dialog end blot envejs dialog fra pigerne eller jeg.

Sunday Kim's mother came together with Bent. How good it was to finally see her and the renunion was warm and very happy. For grandparents to sit at home and follow the lifes of grandchildren on the other side of the world is tough and for them to see, hold and hear them again is so important and such a happy time. Wonderfull to witness :-)

Mandag aften kom vi hjem til Hoejbovej og fra tirsdag formiddag har der vaeret gensynsglaede mellem naboer og boern med middag tirsdag aften. Klassekammerater fra baade Majbritt, Astrid og Sarah har vaeret forbi med kager og gaver, veninder og kollegaer har vaeret forbi og ikke mindst kom Gry i gaar aftes. Nu hvor vi staar over for vores anden weekend i Danmark, tror jeg, at vi er ved at vaenne os til at vaere tilbage og det glaedelige er at vi faktisk kan erkende, at eventyret ikke slutter med vores afrejse fra New Zealand, men faktisk er lige saa meget en del af vores hverdag. Se nu bare....det sner :-)

We came back to our house Monday night and since then neighbours, friends and family have come by the house with cakes, presents and very warm welcomings. How wonderfull it is to come back to so many people, who in each their way makes us feel at home and makes us realise how lucky we are to live where we live and to appreciate what we have........and see.....its snowing in Denmark, just look at the picture, that I just took this morning :-)

Our adventure - travelling far away from our home has come to an end and I want to thank all of you, who we met during our journey, help and friendlyness from Florida, USA to Galapagos, on to Cuzco and finally to New Zealand. To come home knowing that we now have friends throughout the world is so special. We will keep in contact and I'm sure we will be back to see and visit. I know that you all have made a huge impression on the girls and the countries we have seen are captured in their hearts. I do believe Sarah will get back to Galapagos :-) Peru too is a place both Sarah and I would like to revisit and for sure Majbritt and Astrid now knows where wild and beautifull horses live in harmony with people :-) ....not all people!! but many people :-)

A visit to you Wendy in England or maybe in Canada or whereever you are in the world - more adventures await :-) 

Hendrik and Magdalene doesn't even know how soon they will meet us. My good friend Brigitte just yesterday moved with her family to Warsaw and so at Easter I will be driving with the girls to visit her in Poland and we are going right through Berlin. So Hendrik and Magdalena see you soon  :-) 

And to all of you in the States, who has followed our adventure on this web-site, thank you to you all for following us and writing to us. It feels good to know that we have friends and family who enjoys keeping in contact. This interest has very much encouraged med to write ....sometimes very detailed :-) about our lives. It has been great reflecting over our experiences only days after things have happend and even better we now have our adventure and feelings in writing. Having someone to write to has kept this web-site very much alive - thank you :-)

Tak til jer alle for at laese med, for at skrive til os og for i det hele taget at vaere naervaerende under vores rejse til den anden side af jorden. Det er fantastisk at rejse og se verden, men jeg tror det er vigtigt at huske, at det at kunne nyde og opleve verden ude i hoej grad er forbundet med, hvor godt man har det hjemme. Og vi har det godt takket vaere baade et godt system og demokratisk land, men endnu vigtigere varme, venlige, aerlige og oprigtige mennesker. Dem er vi omgivet af i vores dagligdag. Tak til jer alle for at goere denne rejse ud i verden, saa speciel for baade Sarah, Astrid, Majbritt og jeg selv :-)


Mange kaerlige hilsener

Sarah, Astrid, Majbritt og Sanne :-) :-) :-) :-)

And so to all of you in the States and to all of you we have met on this trip - thank you for making this adventure so very special and beautiful


Sarah, Astrid, Majbritt and Sanne :-) :-) :-) :-)