Our life in pictures after returning from our round the world trip. Text is only in English 

February 2006


Part of the house and garden covered in snow.

White winter perfect after all that sun :-)


Majbritt to the left, snowman and Fransiska


Sarah and Klara - the snow queens of the garden


Majbritt, Rikke, Astrid and Fransiska enjoys being together again


Sarah and Jeppe spends a few ours playing Lord of the Rings on the computer


How great it was to see Sebastian again and Sebastian seemed to both recognize and be happy of the return of the girls


Our Mardi Gras - happy costumes :-)


Rikke to the left was a laundry basket

Majbritt af flamingo

and Astrid an all together red lady


Little Laura was Pippi Longstockings

Klara and Fransiskas little cousin


Skeleton on vacation (Sarah) and Leopard Cowboy (Klara) are at the door singing and collecting money


Skeleton (Patrick) and Flamingo (Majbritt)

also at the door


Toilet (Fransiska) and the Red Lady (Astrid) happy and giggiling at the door


The Red Lady (Astrid) beating at the wooden barrel


All us neighbour woman together helping and encouraging Nanna as she is going into labour. From the right Sophie, Kristine, Nanna and me.

The midwife had recommended beer and aspirin to take the worst at the beginning - Nanna had a little beer and aspirin - we kept to beer :-). But not any beer - no Sophie and Benny's homebrewed.


The day after little Robin had arrived and so of we went to see the new little wonder :-)

Welcome to the world Robin :-)


March/April /May 2006


We agreed to give Sarah a dog. Until we find out what kind of dog, we have borrowed Tiko from a good friend, who at the moment is in France.

From left is: Tiko, Sarah, Majbritt, Astrid and little cousin Sigfred.


Sigfred, Majbritt and Kim are looking for Easter eggs.


Majbritt and Sigfred hopes to find the eggs with the rabbits, but with no succes.


Sarah and Tiko tries to look in the bamboo


Astrid found her egg in a paperbag. Triumph :-)


The candy eggs are found and it is time to eat.


Astrid cuts the grass at our summervacation house in the South of Zealand. Kim does keep an eye out for her in the background.


Sarah of course has to try out the ocean everytime she gets near one. It is only the end of April and it has been a really cold spring. But in she goes and Tiko stays close to her.


The vacationhouse is out in the country and it did not take the girls long  before they found a farm with horses. Here Astrid and Majbritt take a long riding trip


In May we went to visit my sister and her husband in their vacationhouse in Sweden. Beautiful country and here Sarah enjoys a walk with Sigfred.


Ann Britt and Petes vacation house in Sweden


Majbritt in the tree, Astrid and Sigred keeping an eye on her.


Astrid and Majbritt with their horse Sebastian. Who after lots of training is getting back in shape after our trip during the winter months.


Spring finally arrived at the very end of May. All the girls can finally wear t-shirts and the trees are starting to bloom. Here is from the left: Majbritt, Sarah, Rikke, Fransiska and Astrid in the almond tree.


And here am I sitting in my birthday present from last year with Tiko - enjoying a quite afternoon.


June/July/August 2006




Summervacation has begun and Majbritt starts out going to a summerschool with horses.

Sarah, Astrid, Majbritt and I in North Jutland where I stay with Kim family. His cousin Frank-Ole and his wife Tove. Next to the families house is a riding center and her all 3 girls live. Taking care of the horses, helping out on the farm and of course riding. Here is Majbritt and Astrid on a donkey.

After a week it is hard to say good-bye to her horse.

Everyday the girls came by to visit me in the garden at Frank-Ole and Toves. In front you can see Astrid, behind her is Sarah and to the left is Majbritt.

A few days before vacation Sarah and her good friend Laura works on some homework. Tiko of course stays close to Sarah.

Happy riding girls - Life is Good :-)


Pizza eating at our hourse. Majbritt and Astrid together with the neighbour children had surprised Sarah with cakes and decorations. Celebrating her birhtday that was in February, but at that time we were in New Zealand. As a an extra treat we bought pizza - so the party could keep on going. From left is Majbritt, Patrick, Rikke, Fransiska and Astrid.