Kims birthday 1st December 2011

Sarah really gave it a thought - what would Kim like for his birthday.
Why of course to get his old B&O lp player back up in the living room   
And so Kim woke up to one of his old favorites by Shu-bi-du-a.
What a surprice :-)

Breakfast of course - Sarah and Kim

Sanne & Kim

Per, Helle and Joe joined us for dinner in the cafe -
and we had it all to ourselves 8pm

Who is Kim talking to.....

ASTRID of course :-) calling from France wishing her father
a happy birthday

Birthday cake 1

Birthday cake 2

And Majbritt was with us - yet another surprice for Kim
- she came with Per and Helle
as her school lies next door to them.

Kim and Sarah

A nice and quiet evening :-)