Christmas and New Years Eve 2011

Its Christmas when the singing dolls come out

We have a very large collection now - thanks to Judy

Astrid is with us - in her own kind of way :-)
Now decorated for Christmas


We have so many ornaments from all over the world.
This years ornaments is from New Hampshire, the moose on the bike with Santa Claus.
It will always remind os of summer days with Leslie and Ray

Right by the front door, are the first singing dolls, we got - they represent the family -
somehow the girls never grow older

Merry Christmas to every one

New Years Eve always starts out with the Queens speech

Kim and the Queen

Sarah looking good with "Astrid" decorated for the evening

Benny and Kim

Kim, Sophie, Steffen

Alec, Josť

This pictures - shows a situation of sheer panic!!!!!
The DESSERT! is an icebombe - 3 different icecreams covered with marengs.
At the table we poor it over with Contreaux and lit it on fire.......
Here is an advice: "Make sure the plate is big enough or the Contreaux will overflow and
its way to the table and lit the table cloth and the paperdecoratins on fire!!!!!!"

Notice Steffens fast action - the water pitcher.....

The fire is out, the cake is very burnt 
the table and cake is all wet!!!!!!!!!

Actually the cake is still burning and so it should be until the alcohols is gone...

A very amusing dessert :-) :-) :-)

Steffen, Josť, Alec

Sanne, Sarah, Kim

Sarah and Alec leaves after dessert to find the real parties in Copenhagen

Happy New Year