Easter, April 2010

Itīs Easter 2010 - we always start out with breakfast, where there is soft- and hardboiled eggs.
Notice "Sarah" in the background with the purple hair - ofcourse decorated :-)

As soon as breakfast is other - it is time to look for the Easter egg,
which the Easter bunny always hides in the garden.

Itīs difficult and its cold

Astrid is working hard to find her egg.

Kim is eager too :-)

where are those eggs?????


still in good spirits :-)

Look at that grin - only Majbritt can put on such a face and at the same time she lets out a sound "iiiiiieeighhhh"
- she must have spotted something - and of course draws the attention of the others......

......I wonder what over there - Kim is right at the spot....


......looks like Kim has found something???....


Well, well - Kim found his Easter Egg :-)


Loke seems more interested in the rabbits, than the eggs


Fransiska looks and looks......


...and look what she found....:-)


What about Majbritt - she seems lost!


whats with the girls - they canīt find there eggs.....


Astrid seems to think it is too hard!!!


aaarrrgggghhh - looks like Majbritt found something....


Majbrittīs Easter Egg - finally :-)

So Astrid - where is your egg - look behind the treee....


And YES - there it is - Astrid is very happy :-)


hello from Loke :-)


And Sanne found her egg - happy happy :-)


Kim does look proud and happy :-)


chocolate in Kims egg.....


and candy in the girls .... :-)