Confirmation for Majbritt - 29th August 2010

Early Sunday morning - Sarah and Astrid are getting ready

Sarah helps Majbritt with her make-up - as Sarah is the families make-up artist

Looking good :-)

and ready to go..........

we are missing a 6th person to take the is one with Sarah

....and here is one with Astrid :-) 

and of we go to church ......

Victory - Kim found a parking spot

Granddad Otto and Birthe arrives at church

Majbritt together with the other young peolpe, who are being confirmed today -
they are getting ready to go into the church in a single row.

One girl and the rest boys - Majbritt gets the attention :-)

Sarah, Kim and Sanne greeting guests in front of church

And here Majbritt is in church :-) Very proud and looking just as she wanted to :-)

Arriving at the seats....

very happy

An hour later the confirmation is over and it is time for pictures...

Saray and Gry

Roses from friends

Grandmother Lilly with Kim and some big gift for Majbritt from friends....

Surprice - Mia and Trine came by to say hi
(the owners of the horse Majbritt looks after)

Family picture :-)


And then it is of to the Zoo and café K, where the lunch is going to be

From the terras, we can see the lions.....

Drinks before lunch .......

Majbritt with cousin Troels and his girlfriend Natalie

Sophie and Majbritt

Uncle Jasper, Sophie, uncle Erik and in the back Majbritt and guest at the buffet

Majbritt at her table with friends

And for the 3rd time - Kim gives a wonderfull speech for his 3rd girl Majbritt...

....and grandfather Otto too, has something to say...

Astrid and cousin Sofia listens....

After lunch all guests have a chance to walk around in the Zoo

Fransiska, Majbritt and Amalie

A little bit of rain - but Astrid and Sofia are prepared

Olga finds a friend

Aunt Gitte, uncle Erik and Sanne

And then back at the café, coffee, fruit and cakes are served -
but the best and a dream come true for Majbritt is the chocolate fountain.
Finding, buying and getting the fountain to work - is a story of its own - but with
help from many people - especially the cooks at cafe K - it worked so well that day :-)

And everybody was excited - Viggo with marshmellows
dipped in chocolate...this needs concentration.


Sofia in action

Time for coffee - Per, Jette and Steffen

Ulf and Kim

Majbritt opens many beautifull presents - very happy :-)

Surprice again - Erik and Gitte has made a song - that Majbritt hands out

And what a song :-) Everybody gets up.....

and heads for Majbritt - where small Danish flag stickes a stuck on Majbritt :-)

Majbritt here at the beginning of the song.....

Many guests - many flags :-)

Overwelming :-) .-) :-)

Majbritt at the end of the song :-)

Majbritt with a fantastic flower decoration made by Jette

Rie and Sarah

Ulf and Jette with Helle

Sophie, Klara and Jaspar

The chocolate fountain worked to the end - and the fruit is just about gone
- the party is over


Ready to leave - Majbritts gets a chance to try her umbrella -
it was there just in case, and the little rain that came, wasn´t long enough
for Majbritt to use the umbrella in the Zoo - instead it is used for posing

Back to the house.....

....just a little stop before reaching the house - at Majbritt´s favorite take-away.
Our local sushi bar -

Time to read magazines and rest while wainting for take-away Sushi

And then as the day seems to come to an end - another SURPRISE
- from our neighbours

Majbritts present was a treasure map....

She has to figure it out - digs holes in the garden ....

And then she finds it - a real treasure box - with money :-)

Thank you all - family and friends for an incredible lovely day.
Majbritt and we as her family is so gratefull :-)