2010 - Pictures from our lives


Majbritt at her first riding competition

And she did very well - here on her way out

And now it is the owner of the horse - Mia´s turn

A very proud Majbritt :-)



Sanne´s birthday, breakfast, May 2010

Majbritt and Kim has made the greatest breakfast table

Lots of space around the table, when only 3 of us are at home

Presents from Majbritt - something I needed very much in th café :-)


A beautiful sunny day in May 

Astrid is at home and relaxing in my new hammick -


- a birthday present from my dad - room enough for 2-3 people...

and this is the view from the hammick - my favorite place :-)








Its June - nearly summervacation but first - we celebrate the "nearly" longest day

We had dinner at Copenhagen Sea World - remember Sarah - where you had your party -
Bjarne was the chef and the food was great :-)


The pirate fish was fed - Kim watched :-)

On the beach the bonfire was lit



A big one and lots of people

Sanne and Fransiska


Appropriate footwear :-)




Majbritt and Fransiska jumps high - reminds you of a picture from Roskilde - ay Sarah?