Christmas 2009

This is our artistic version of Sarah - she stands in our dinning room
and so it feels like she not that far away from us.

Kim carries the christmas tree


Majbritt poses in front of the tree - with Sarah´s shoes on.

Astrid starts decorating the tree

Most of the ornaments have a history - like the 3 ladies here representing from left:
Sarah, Astrid and Majbritt


and here are ornaments given to us by Leslie ..:-)

can´t remember this one!!!

Lots of lovely memories :-)


Kim watching at a safe distance


The café is closed for Christmas and even Sanne seems to rest :-)


Kim certainly does :-)


This years Christmas decoration - the theme 25 years of Christmas
- some thing from every year is there


A view from the table - notice "Sarah" in the background


And the Christmas carolers from Judy + a poster to the left from
one of the demonstrations from the COP15

Merry Christmas Sarah :-) the family gathered at Ann Britt and Peters
for dinner on the 24th and greets Sarah, who is away in Argentina this year 2009

Traditional Christmas Eve food combined with inspiration from the world
- here roasted potatoes and turkey
From left: Sigfred, Birthe, Kim and Astrid

Cooked white potatoes and sugar glased potatoes
From left: Peter, Sigfred and Birthe

From left: Birthe, Otto, Ann Britt, Ella and Peter

From left: Jasper, Sanne and Peter

Majbritt and Jaser


Ann Britt and Viggo

Traditonal dessert - rice pudding and in it is a hole almond,
the lucky one who finds it gets a present :-) And look Viggo got it....


......and so did Sigfred :-)

A classic photo!! 
Viggo and Sigfred shows the almonds, but with the delay on the camera
due to the flash, the boys continues to raise their hands a split second
and the almonds are out of the picture!!!! :-)


The 3 young ones all got flashlights as presents for the almonds
- and what better place to check out the light than under the couch
- down there it is dark.

And among the adults - Astrid - found the almond.....
.....or was it Kim who passed found it and passed it one?? :-)


Astrid seems overwhelmed :-)

Time to call Sarah in Argentina and wish her a MERRY CHRISTMAS :-)
Kim combines talking with Sarah, with keeing in shape


Everyone gets to talk to Sarah - here Astrid who at the same time
points out that Sigfred lots his front tooth

While waiting the Christmas tree to be lit, Viggo and Majbritt
watches a movie on the computer


Time to dance around the tree :-)
Majbritt, Astrid and grand-dad Otto


Sigfred, Majbritt and Astrid

Ella, Peter, Viggo, Kim and Sigfred


Grand-dad Otto

Finally - what every child looks forward to - PRESENTS :-)

Joy :-)


New shoes for Majbritt?


Proud :-)

Relaxing after a wonderfull Christmas Eve

Back home - time for bed - Astrid and Majbritt in their new sleeing robes.

Christmas morning the 25th - breakfast is ready


Majbritt trying out her gift from Astrid and Sarah´s shoes
- ready for New Year Eve´s  


And then 3 days at the vacation house - total rest - so much,
that not even the camera came to our minds more than once.