Oktober 2009

Fall vacation in October: Astrid, Majbritt, Jette and Sanne took a
trip to the "æblskivehuset" (a sort of pancake house)

Astrid has gone into pink mode - notice the sunglasses


Great to have Jette come along (has the Flowershop next to the cafe)


Also Loke (Jette´s dog came along) Majbritts very best friend :-)

Astrid took home her very good friend Nanna from school - she stayed with us for several days. 
From left Niklas - the one who makes sure the café is run the right way :-)

It´s Halloween - the many pumpkins are waiting to transported to the café


the big one is Majbritts though

Its hard work - but that doesn´t stop her

Check out the result - now it is Halloween - 31st. October 2009
you can se many more pictures of pumpkins by clicking on the picture



November 2009

1st. November 2009
Astrid´s birthday
Sweet 16 :-)


From left: Majbritt, Josefine, Astrid, Gry and Fransiska




Astrid ordered Sushi - lots of it :-)


And hot chocolate with wipped cream for dessert and "flødeboller"



And the Remee came by :-)


From left: Narin, Remee, Astrid and Josefine - Narin was so kind to invite Remee :-)