Christmas 2008

Christmas again
 23rd is the day/evening when the tree is decorated and so Kim brings in the Christmas tree ornaments


Also the last presents are gift wrapped - here Astrid works concentrated





Everyone seems actually very concentrated.....


Majbritt proudly presents a wrapped gift or maybe she hopes this one is for her?





Kim looks a little worn out and we havenīt even started on the tree!!!


Presents nearly done - next - the tree





The Christmas tree before......


.....and after - no more energy - time to relax.............










Finally Christmas Eve - Majbritt all dressed up....

Sanne & Kim


Sarah all dressed up !!!!!






Astrid and Sarah - ready for the big evening.................


And all together - Astrid, Sarah and Majbritt





I think this says it all "The crazy family Fejfer Olsens" :-)


And her you have our very traditionel Christmas Eve dinner - roasted duck and roast pork.





3 things defines Christmas Eve; Dinner, Dancing around the Tree and Gifts


Frogs were the themes on the table - mostly because Sarah 
found the frog candles just before Christams
and they looked cool :-)





The little frog in the middle (with the back to us) was the present to the one who found
the almond in the rice pudding (the dessert). Astrid found the almond and wone the frog.


Majbritt and Sanne





And here we are - the hole family lined up for the yearly Christmas picture.
Merry Christmas to you all


Time to dance around the tree....Astrid sings loud and clear.....
 does Sarah....


...Majbritt and Kim.
When we get to the last song we dance really fast around the Christmas tree and then we run over to our closes neighbours and dance around their tree - we grab their hands and take them back around our is alot of fun....




...and we end up with wine and soft drinks and
wish each other a Merry Christmas.


And here they all are the girls that you know;
Majbritt, Astrid, Fransisca, Sarah and Klara



After saying good bye to our neighbours it is time to open presents - Majbritt just couldnīt wait and started to hand out gifts. is one Majbritt was really happy to get :-).




Never to old to enjoy opening gifts :-)

Astrid with her new Audrey Hepburn sun glasses


One happy Christmas eve....for all of us


Christmas days were spent in our vacation house - where there was work to do...not much - mostly eating actually - but pictures of us working looks better :-)


Sarah having lost of fun...

Majbritt standing more on her hands......

.......than on her feet...

Astrid posing - not working :-)

And here Sanne resting.....!!!!!

Back home, Kimīs mother came to visit and have Christmas lunch - And so from all

                                                                                          Love, Sarah, Astrid,

of us to all of you, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Majbritt, Kim & Sanne :-)